Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ok so quick cute story...
The other night Braydon comes flying in the living room announcing that his tech deck ramp was made by "Chinarians".
"By who?" I ask.
"Chinarians!" he replies. And he holds up the ramp and says "See, 'Made in China'!"
Randy and I about wet our pants!! So now that's our new thing, every slip of the tongue or mispronunciation, someone always throws in "Oh, like Chinarians..."

So, here we go...

Ok, so I don't really know where to start... this is my first time blogging. But I love to talk so it can't be that hard right??? As I type this I'm listening to my 7 year old talking to himself and making crazy sound effects in the bathroom. You'd think with one kid it would be calm around our house... NO WAY! I always tell people that God tricked me into having Braydon. Randy and I weren't going to have kids and then the month after we got married my niece was born. She was such a good baby~ slept well, played quietly by herself, kind, quiet~ so I thought, "I've gotta have one of these!" Then came Braydon. And I have been laughing, shhhing, bandaging, answering, dodging, and changing ever since!! Braydon is far from calm and quiet! But I do have to admit that the apple didn't fall far! Sometimes I pity the people I grew up around! It's only now I see how crazy I probably drove them. With Braydon it's a pretty fun and interesting drive though and as my dad would say, for me it's really just a short walk... not a drive.

So in the time it has taken me to tell you the history of Braydon, he has been able to mold his hair into this outrageously spiked mess! You see this another of his little rituals. When he gets out of the bath he spends another 10-15 minutes styling his hair as crazy as he can! And everytime he makes his entrance into the living room like this is the first time he's ever done it, expecting some HUGE reaction!! I just love his creativity and energy! Sometimes I wish I could power him down for a while though... you know just to rest my ears a bit. :)

Wow! I was right, this was pretty easy. Once I started the thoughts just kept coming, my fingers were struggling to keep up! Hope you enjoy it!