Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Randomness That Is My Life!

Well, here we are... the end of November. It feels like these last few months have just flown by!! Something I'm learning with homeschooling is that you can't take a break with planning for even a minute or the holidays and specific dates that you want to be teachable dates sneak right up on you! I found myself still putting together Thanksgiving material ON Thanksgiving!!! While I have to say that it was interesting to have it all fresh on the brain when we celebrated Thanksgiving with our families, it would have nice to have had time to dig a little deeper BEFORE the turkey came out of the oven!! :)
All-in-all I have a great list going for next year's first semester lessons, but sadly this year has been a bit of a tester year for us. Well, I say sadly... Braydon is loving it. When mom doesn't get it together in time, we chalk it up to early prep for next year.
I don't have a specific topic for today's entry but I do have a couple of neat stories for you. I'll start with the funnier of the two.
A couple of weeks ago we were in the car and Braydon (getting together his mental Christmas wish list) says to me "Mom, can I have a Pocket Rocket? Cuz I wanna ask Santa for one but I know he doesn't get you things that your parents won't let you have."
It was too cute! Partly because he thought ahead enough to get permission before asking Santa but mostly because of his innocence!! Now is about the time (if he were still in public school) that he would begin to doubt the story of Santa, but hopefully being homeschooled we will be able to hold onto the magic a little longer!
The second is more a quick thing I wanna share rather than a story:
As I have said before. Now that we are homeschooling I see so much of Braydon's creativity coming back that I'm ashamed to say I didn't realizing he was loosing. Well tonight as I sit preparing lessons for tomorrow he comes into the office that doubles as our classroom and sits down at his desk. He opens up his History folder and takes out some research that I had printed out for the unit we are planning to do on Greek Mythology. Then he begins to do his own research on the laptop (using MY printouts only to help him with spelling). After a few minutes he is writing his own rendition of the struggle between the three brother Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. WOW!!! Just out of nowhere he decides to do a little writing!! Of course I am elated because I myself LOVE to write and have always hoped he would too, but I am even more impressed that he is WANTING to research and write just for entertainment! I remember a time after high school when I would get interested in something I saw on TV, begin researching it at the library and the write a research paper on the subject JUST FOR FUN!!! I thought I was the only person in the world crazy enough to do that... but here I sit, almost 20 years later watching my son do the very same thing!!!
God has blessed me so much this year with this adventure Braydon and I are taking together!
I am so thankful to be able to experience these things with my child AND to get to encourage and aid him as he begins to figure out what he enjoys, what he is good at and what he excels in!
We serve an awesome, loving and powerful God and I hope to raise my son to be just as in awe of his Father as I am!