Monday, August 30, 2010

Renew, Reuse, Recycle?

So as I told you guys earlier, I was not planning to start school until after Labor Day. However, my kiddo is way excited and ready to start now! So I'm thinking that tomorrow we will go get our library books for the next couple of weeks and ease into some of the "extra" stuff I had planned for the first week that I was worried was maybe overkill. HA

We DID start on our first Character Ed lesson this last week though. I had not planned to start early but after we bought the buckets he was so excited that I just couldn't say "no". You see The Donner's are becoming a "green" household. I have never been much for recycling as I am a product of my generation and we by nature are a lazy people... But in the last few years my priorities are changing, as they usually do after you have children, and I'm worrying about the world my son and my son's children will be inheriting from us. Easy and speed have become such a necessity for our lives that what we leave behind is not often given a second thought. Originally I was just diligently praying that Christ would return before my child reached adolescence but I am now realizing that I should take responsibility for my big fat carbon footprint.

So we bought our boxes (recycled plastic no less) and started sorting our trash. I have to say it has been more fulfilling than I EVER thought it would be. And Braydon is PUMPED!! Everything he picks up goes to the recycle bins... even some things we are ready to part with yet... :) But the bottom line is that he is learning the importance and living it out. It's not something we just talked about and thought we could fix later. We are taking an active roll in keeping our little place in this world clean.

Now, if Disney would stop showing those commercials that drive my child to insist that I buy new light bulbs, I would be much happier!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mom's Household Journal

Ok so I started something new this month...
For those of you who know me well, you know I have a LOVE of office supplies. Ok, so it's really a sickness, a disease, an addiction!!
Trying to get the most positive benefits from this disorder I am plagued with, I started a new project. This journal (which is actually a 3-ring binder) houses anything and everything that is my life. I have an area for my calendar/to-do lists, a monthly menu calendar with categorized grocery list, my homeschool curr. and some things we can study when we're on the go, and my current bible study/Life Group lesson plans/Prayer List. It has really come in handy as I've had everything I need at my finger tips no matter where I am.
Aside from the organizational genius that is my Mom's Household Journal, it also appeals to my desire to create and use fun pics/clipart, as well as my longing to carry around a 3-ringer binder like did in school. Ok, so maybe that's more of a longing to be young and in school again, OR if we want to get REALLY deep, maybe it appeals to a need to always be learning...
Yeah, I think I'll go with that!! Makes me sound more stable as a grown-up, right?
Regardless of the quirks behind it, I am really feeling on top of my game right now!! Which is good since we will begin homeschooling next week. At least I have it all together for now... Ha!
No seriously, I am really excited about next week! I have thrown myself into this like nothing I have ever done! Something about knowing that I will be bringing education, the study of God's word and the importance of being a godly man to my 8 year old is empowering! I feel for once that I am making a difference in the world! I am SO grateful for that feeling of purpose!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our New Journey... or at least my short trip to insanity!

So yesterday as all the school busses drove past my house and the kids around our block began walking to school...
We had no clue because we were asleep!! That's right, Braydon and I are homechooling this year. I say Braydon and I because quite frankly as I am preparing lessons I feel like I'm back in the 3rd grade. It's true that you NEVER USE THIS STUFF WHEN YOU GROW UP!!! Just kidding, I know the things I learned in school were important but I have forgotten most of it and I'm having to "refresh" my memory a bit... LOL
Anyway, this year is going to be an exciting adventure for us!! I can't wait to get started. You see I don't believe that school should start until after Labor Day so in MY school it won't! :) But next week when it does it is going to be amazing!! I'm so excited to get to not only teach my child, but to watch his face as the gears in his head start working. He is so creative that you never know what will come out of his mouth next, and I don't wanna miss a second of it!!! I want to be here for every single AH-HA moment he has, and especially when it comes to his Bible studies! I want him to have the opportunity to be in the Word EVERYDAY! I didn't realize how important that was when I was young and feel like I missed out on SO MUCH! I'm now re-learning all of the things they taught me at church and VBS with a different understanding of it all... an understanding that I am delighted to get to pass on and share with my son!
So, as we take this new adventure together I am hoping to find time to blog about it regularly! I want everyone to get a chance to experience a little bit of the joy I am!