Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mom's Household Journal

Ok so I started something new this month...
For those of you who know me well, you know I have a LOVE of office supplies. Ok, so it's really a sickness, a disease, an addiction!!
Trying to get the most positive benefits from this disorder I am plagued with, I started a new project. This journal (which is actually a 3-ring binder) houses anything and everything that is my life. I have an area for my calendar/to-do lists, a monthly menu calendar with categorized grocery list, my homeschool curr. and some things we can study when we're on the go, and my current bible study/Life Group lesson plans/Prayer List. It has really come in handy as I've had everything I need at my finger tips no matter where I am.
Aside from the organizational genius that is my Mom's Household Journal, it also appeals to my desire to create and use fun pics/clipart, as well as my longing to carry around a 3-ringer binder like did in school. Ok, so maybe that's more of a longing to be young and in school again, OR if we want to get REALLY deep, maybe it appeals to a need to always be learning...
Yeah, I think I'll go with that!! Makes me sound more stable as a grown-up, right?
Regardless of the quirks behind it, I am really feeling on top of my game right now!! Which is good since we will begin homeschooling next week. At least I have it all together for now... Ha!
No seriously, I am really excited about next week! I have thrown myself into this like nothing I have ever done! Something about knowing that I will be bringing education, the study of God's word and the importance of being a godly man to my 8 year old is empowering! I feel for once that I am making a difference in the world! I am SO grateful for that feeling of purpose!


  1. Can you make me a journal! I long for something like that, but in all reality I would leave it on my desk like I do everything else.

    I also wanted to let you know how GREAT I think it is that you are incorporating so much of out sweet Jesus into your homeschooling. It's so great to partner with a parent like you who sees the importance of raising a "modern day knight". You rock!

  2. Thank you Squara Jo!!! I love that we can share this time as both our boys are training to be godly men!!! I love knowing that you are working right along side of me to teach my little man all about his Father! Thank you for EVERYTHING you do! You are amazing!!!