Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year New Me... well sort of!

Wow, last year was a BANNER year for me! I think I MIGHT have averaged one blog post every three months! Not my most shining effort!  I tend to stew on blogging ideas wanting the post to be PERFECT and then never get around to writing them before they become irrelevant and out dated.  Well this year I hope to change that! My goal this year is to write something at least once a week.
Think I can do it?
Yeah me neither, but I'm gonna try! LOL

Of course, I wouldn't be up to speed in the blogging world if I didn't post about new year organization!  First up on the "Let's Get Organized Agenda" is a new addition to my refrigerator door. As you read through my next few blogs (yes I actually have a PLAN for the first few weeks!) you'll see that I LOVE to copy great ideas. But I am definitely a recreate the wheel kinda gal! I like to take the original idea, research how other people are doing it and them shape it to fit me. Well that's just what I did with this handy little tool! A while back I saw a blog about grocery lists. This super creative lady, who's blog I cannot remember for the life of me, had created an itemized grocery list that contained everything her family generally bought at the grocery store. Then when they ran out of something all they had to do was check it off on the list.She always had a running list of what they needed and then just grabbed it on her way out the door.

Well this was great for us except that by the time I was done creating my list is had to be printed on LEGAL PAPER! I mean really... we're a family of three! That HUGE grocery list was a little ridiculous. Not to mention that it would take me DAYS to get around to printing out a new list when it was time.

Enter my fabulous smashing together of ideas!! I found a terrific way to make homemade notepads from a fellow blogger, Skip to my Lou. (This time I remembered to grab a link so I could give credit where credit is due.)
I then began the process of shrinking my grocery list down to a manageable size that was still legible and Viola! I now have this handy little grocery list notepad that hangs on my fridge but now it fits nicely in my purse!

P.S. I also learned that there is no better motivation to spruce up an area in the your home than to put pictures of it on your blog!