Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are YOU Turning a Blind Eye Too??

Recently I learned that even though my 9 yr. old son is obsessed with WWII  that he had NO IDEA what the Holocaust was! So as my curiosity caused me to stumble onto this video and I watched the first 7 minutes I was excited to watch it so I could then share it with him!
Little did I know what the true content of the video was! A fellow blogger that I follow has spent several months promoting "180movie.com" and even painted a HUGE sign of the logo for her front yard. I see her posts all of the time but haven't stopped to see what it was all about. Well, today I did and was I shocked! I urge you to watch the video below with your family, ESPECIALLY if you have teens! Then get involved! I drive by a specific building EVERY SINGLE DAY and never give a thought to what goes on "in my own backyard"! Thank you Jenn Hoskins for your efforts to get this information out and for continuing to do so!