Sunday, July 31, 2011

Is that a snake????

Ever stop to think about the things we encountered as children that were just a part of life? I don't very often, but his morning something happened that made me do just that!
Braydon comes running in from the backyard, concerned about a sound he heard near our trees. He described it as sounding like a rattlesnake that just kept getting louder and louder then stopped. His poor little heart had skipped a beat because her thought we actually might has a rattler in the yard. I knew immediately what he heard and I'm sure most of you do too.
Yep! It was a locust! LOL
It had never occurred to me that he had never seen or heard a locust.
When I was a kid they were as common as ladybugs or ants. I even remember nap time on Sunday afternoons when they were so loud I could hear then INSIDE the house!
Once again, God has afforded me an opportunity to teach my child about his AMAZING creations AND tell him a little bit about my past.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A New Room For A New Year!

Well, it sure has been a while! We have been busy! Lots if changes in our house this summer! One of the bioggest and most obvious if the reniovation on our home! We closed in our garage and converted it to a new classroom/office for Braydon and myself. We have so much room now we really aren’t sure what do to with it all!! Projects will no longer be housed on the dining room table and Braydon got a new deck JUST FOR HIM!!

This is what we started with… (sadly this isn’t one of those “before” pics that you intentionally try to make look as bad as possible so the “reveal” after completion looks so much better, this is REALLY what our garage looked like before we started!

My precious daddy even pitched in to help! (not only was this a blessing because of his expertise, but he has some really cool tools!!)

And the first wall is up!! He’s pretty proud of himself, can you tell?

And now the whole wall is up!! WOOT! WOOT!

And here’s the completed room, well almost… We still have some sheetrock to hang behind the shelves and some texture/painting to do, but it is functional and starting to have some character.

And I have SO much storage!!

And here’s Braydon’s area… no more sharing a desk! YEAH!!

I will forever be in debt to my dad and hubby! They worked so hard! My poor husband was in the 115° attic off and on for 4 days! I am so blessed to have such amazing men in my life!!