Sunday, July 31, 2011

Is that a snake????

Ever stop to think about the things we encountered as children that were just a part of life? I don't very often, but his morning something happened that made me do just that!
Braydon comes running in from the backyard, concerned about a sound he heard near our trees. He described it as sounding like a rattlesnake that just kept getting louder and louder then stopped. His poor little heart had skipped a beat because her thought we actually might has a rattler in the yard. I knew immediately what he heard and I'm sure most of you do too.
Yep! It was a locust! LOL
It had never occurred to me that he had never seen or heard a locust.
When I was a kid they were as common as ladybugs or ants. I even remember nap time on Sunday afternoons when they were so loud I could hear then INSIDE the house!
Once again, God has afforded me an opportunity to teach my child about his AMAZING creations AND tell him a little bit about my past.

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  1. YAYYYYY! You have a blog! So happy to discover this!!!! What an adorable story:) If one of my kids would come and say they heard a Rattler, I'd believe them, because we HAVE them! (Haven't seen one in our yard yet although we do see Copperheads and others). Your story, however, reminds me of the first time (in my 20's) when I visited my brother in MD. I had never been out of Pgh (except to the sea shore once or twice) and I saw something in his house that scared the living daylights out of me! I called him crying because he was still at work (My hubby was away in the army at the time) and when I described it to him he slowly explained that it was a "Cricket" and I had nothing to fear.
    LOL Can you believe that? I had never seen a cricket in my entire life!!!!!! Now...I live amidst locusts, bats, bears, coyote, snakes, mice, and more! I could feel your dear son's heart-beat in my mind as I read this post!