Friday, April 22, 2011

That's My Boy!!

For those of you who have read this blog in the past, you are aware that from time to time my kid get words mixed up, jumbled up or just flats makes them up to fit his needs. Well here are a couple or stories you are going to love!!
Story number one: We have ripped up most of the carpet throughout our home due to Braydon's allergies, but in our living room we have an average size area rug that catches the random airsoft pellet, blade of grass or lego that you can't see until you have two little circles tattooed on the bottom of your foot. Well the other night Braydon was walking across the living room and winced in pain. As he bent down to pick-up what had stabbed his foot he says "Darn hedgehogs!"
You may be thinking to you yourself... Hedgehogs??? In the rug??? Do we even HAVE hedgehogs in West Texas? Well my dear friends what he was actually referring to was a goat head! LOL Why he thought it was called a hedgehog I will never know. BUT, they will forever be called hedgehogs in our house!

Okay, story number two: My parents have recently decided to join the rest of the country and jump into the age of technology that we have all be in for some time now. They got rid of what I called their jitterbugs and both got iPhones. Well the other night we were in their living room and my dad and I were both texting on our phones. As you can imagine I was texting rather quickly and my dad was just creeping along. My husband chuckles a bit and comments how funny it is that I'm able to text so fast and my dad still has to "hunt and peck".
Well several days later I receive a LONG text from my dad and my husband I are joking about how long it probably took him to type it and from the back seat Braydon comments "Yeah, chicken and peck, chicken and peck." Randy and I about died. This kid is a riot!! If I could remember to write down HALF of the stuff he says, I'd be rich!!
Anyway, hope this brightened your day a little! :) It brightened mine just thinking about it all again as I typed it.

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  1. Enjoyed the stories, I can't believe your Mom and Dad got iphones before me. I Love You All have a good weekend. I better have one before the Cruise Boo Hoo Bo Hoo