Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stepping Out Into the Great Unknown

Recently I was blessed with a new job as a virtual assistant for a publisher in Florida. She is a homeschool mom and owns the Ultimate Homeschool Expo. This was one of those times that I felt God's hand directly guiding me in the direction I was to go. But that story is for another blog, I only tell you about it to explain how the new adventure Braydon and I will be taking this summer came about.
With this new job I have had to dive right into some web design and upkeep and this is an area that I know nothing about! Most of my computer knowledge is self taught and building a website just is not something I have been able to wrap my mind around.
Well this summer Braydon and I will be learning how to program TOGETHER!! Microsoft has this awesome area in their education resources called Kid's Corner where they actually GIVE you the software you will need for FREE and then offer classes that teach you step by step how to build a website!
This is just a tiny piece of everything they offer. It is truly an untapped resource in my book. I can't believe more people don't know that this FREE information and training is out there!!
I hope you will take a moment to go over and take a look for yourself. They also have a site for older students as well but to be honest, with my limited knowledge of web-based material it looked a little intimidating to me!! LOL However, it could be something your teen would thrive at!!! Good Luck and hope you enjoy it!!
And wish me luck!!! We'll be learning this together so it should be interesting, I'll keep you posted! :)

*disclaimer this is not a paid review for Microsoft; just me, a homeschool mom, sharing what I'm learning with other moms along the way.

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