Friday, April 27, 2012

So Many Changes

Well as you can tell I wasn't able to keep up with my once a week blogging schedule, BUT I have been cataloging TONS of pictures of all the changes happening around our home. So, sit back and scroll through some of the top moments of the last few months outside of the Donner Home...

The hummingbirds are out,

and not only are they enjoying the feeders and flowers around our yard but they've also been caught taking a quick bath in the spray of our soaker hose.

The larger birds have tried to take over the hanging feeder in our tree... much to their dismay they had to give that up and move to stable ground. 

The squirrels are rummaging through the ground and various planters in the yard trying to find all of the nuts they've buried. Sadly I put all new soil in most of the pots this year so they've had to make due with what's in the ground AND what the birds leave behind.

The plants are blessing us with beautiful blooms,

and amazing smells.

 Some have even taken their time opening up so we were able to watch the process in awe of God's amazing timing.

And the fish are thriving with all of the greenery they have to eat! 

And I guess that's a good thing because the birds aren't just sipping from the pond,

they're also stealing the fish food floating on the water. 

A mockingbird stops by just often enough for us to anticipate his arrival.

And the young man of the house chooses a late afternoon on the patio to work on a loose tooth. 

But the most exciting story of the spring is one this family has NEVER experienced before!

Check back next week to see what it is!! Trust me you won't wanna miss this! 

See ya soon!


  1. I just came across your blog. I'll prob spend the day in my hammock reading your older posts!!! haha have a blessed day!!!!

  2. So glad you stopped by! Hope you enjoy it here! :)