Thursday, March 26, 2009

Did you know they sell liquor for kids???

So, Braydon recently spent the night with a friend of his and came home trying to tell me about this place they ate that had GREAT sopapillas.
So he says "You know that place I hate to eat but love the show? (Osaka) It's by there, the place with the pink letters that says pink something..."
I say "Pinkies?"
"Yeah!" he replies.
So I explain to him that the place he ate was NEAR Pinkies and was called Dos Compadres, Pinkies is a liquor store.
"Oh, I though it was that Pink place where we ate."
To which his daddy replies "No, Pinkies is a liquor store do you know what that is?"
"YES DAD!!" he says. "And they sell liquor there for kids too... you know it's colorish..."
"No" we say...
"YEAH, those sticks of liquor, they're colorish!!!"
Do you all realize now that he was referring to licorice??? I swear he kills me!!

We were eating dinner tonight at Rosa's where I order him 2 chicken fajitas. He eats the first like he always does, opened up and dumped out so he can dip it in queso.
Then he asks "Mom can I eat the second on like a burrito?" with his stubby little fingers in the air making the quotation gesture.
And I say "Yes".
He says "I did the sibling sign" again with the fingers in the air.
"The quotation sign you mean?" I question.
"Oh, yeah."
LOL! I would love to be a cog in his little head! Some of the things that come out of his mouth are hilarious!!! I'm sure he gets that from me... the funny part, not the confused, misusing words part... :)

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