Thursday, March 19, 2009

Water Fun... with the dog!!!

So this Sring Break has been VERY productive for me!!! I have done alot to my yard. But yesterday we decided to have some fun! We broke out the slip'n slide and well needless to say it got a little messy! I raked the dead grass and Randy picked it up with the mower, but it was still really bad! It turned into more of a muddy grass'n slide than anything else. But Braydon had a blast regardless! Remember when you were a kid and that kind of thing didn't matter to you! You could dig a hole in the yard, fill it with water and call it a swimming pool... mud, bugs and all! YUK! And to make it worse, Mojo was right in the big middle of it! The way that dog hates baths you'd think he'd steer clear of water in general. I guess when it's muddy water he makes exceptions!!! As you can see by the pics I really should have been hauling off the huge pile of junk in the rocks, or working on the white trash fence in the background, but nope! I decided to make a swamp in my backyard! Seriously though it was so much fun! AND it got Braydon to leave me alone about going to gabby's to swim!!! There's NO WAY I was getting in that water... it's freezing!!

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  1. LOL! Can I ask, who had more fun, Braydon or Mojo?!?