Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day Two thru...???

Ok, so I missed a few days between day 1 and now but I have to tell you it has been amazing!!! We are doing lapbooks, some copywork, scripture memorization and alot more! I can honestly say that I am watching a transformation in my child that sadly I didn't see taking place when it was going the other direction. My child is getting his imagination back!!!! He is expressing a creative side that I haven't seen for quite a while now! For a brief moment I felt guilty that I wasn't as observant when that imagination was fading away but then I stepped back and decided to give myself a break on this one, he was growing up and it seemed like a natural step. I mean after all, as a mother we are given MORE THAN ENOUGH CHANCES to feel guilty about something we think we did wrong right?? Well I am learning that God doesn't want me to feel guilty, he wants me to learn from these mistakes. So that's what I'm doing! I am teaching myself to be less dismissive and more aware of the changes in my child. And let me tell you it is SOOO rewarding. I know things like picking out shapes in the clouds don't really seem that big at all, but when your kiddo starts doing that again after several years you realize he didn't stop because he was getting to big to do it, he stopped because his creativity wasn't being nurtured!
Please don't get me wrong, I have MANY friends that are public school teachers and love each of them and their efforts to teach children very much, but as a mom who has been given the opportunity to stay at home and teach her child I am learning just how much my kiddo was missing out on! It's difficult to grow your creativity when the state mandates your education. you see putting MY CHILD in school 8 hours a day was exhausting to him. After all day of being taught state required activities that are not specific to each child's needs he was too tired and numb to really be the child God created him to be. I know that God has amazing things planned for Braydon and I feel very strongly that those things will rely heavily on his ability to think outside of the box! I am so grateful each and everyday that I have this opportunity. For those of you following me who also homeschool your kiddos and are starting to get frustrated now that summer is over and school is in full swing, remember how lucky you are! Don't spend time being angry at your children for their lack of interest, HIT YOUR KNEES and thank God for what He is allowing you to do! And then ask for help! This is only our first month of homeschooling and I have been like a needy kid with God this month. But I will tell you he is providing in great detail! I am receiving encouragement, instruction and resources like crazy!! It's amazing how God blesses you when you are doing something he has called you to do!!!
Another change I have seen in my child is his attitude... THANK GOD!! LOL Seriously though, not only is he less argumentative but he is much more attentive to those around him especially his momma! I am watching him begin to grow a servants heart and it pleases me so!!! Yes, he's still the typical "I want" & "can I have" child but now he is beginning to see the needs of others as well! And his is showing is love and appretiation for me more too. We all know how easy it is for our children to make us feel obsolete, so its very nice to have them make an effort to show you they enjoy time with you and they appreciate what you do for them; and that's what I am seeing in Braydon. He is showing me each and everyday how lucky he thinks he is to have ME as his mom! I am SOOO blessed!!!
But back to the "school" of homeschool, we are doing a Genesis lapbook right now and I have put together some really neat resources. I will be uploading some of them this week. Please know that they are things I created based off of other ideas and tweaked for my kiddo and what we like to do. I would love for you to enjoy them as we have or use them as your starting point for something completely original for your child.
Until then, have a blessed day and always thank God for what he has given you. And if you can't find anything to be grateful for then start by thanking Him for your life and His love for you... I promise your eyes will be opening to the blessing you have received!!!

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