Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Follow" me to great resources!! hahaha

WOW WOW WOW!! I logged on this morning to 8, count them 8 followers!!! YEAH!! Thank you guys soooo much! I will be visiting each of your sites sometime today!!!
So I'm entering this contest to win free homeschool curriculum and part of the contest rules are to visit the site giving away today's prize, well let me tell you I was in for a treat!
I am still awaiting approval for my login but the surface material you can access before you are approved is VERY helpful to a new homeschooling mom.
They have a section that breaks up several popular homeschooling methods and explains how they work and the purpose of each. I loved that!!! It was GREAT to be able to compare them all right there in short easy to understand descriptions!
Thank you Curriculum share for offering this tool!
I will tell you guys a little more about this site once I get complete access. As a homeschool mom on a budget I'm excited to see what I can find!!!

If you wanna check it out just click on the link below. Enjoy!!


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