Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What is /PEN-noo-matic/ suspension?

Our latest obsession is independent suspension...
You may be asking yourself... umm.... why?? To answer that I give you one word - BRAYDON. Over the last few months I have been educated more than I care to admit on this topic.  I did have to step in one day last week when he informed me that we had passed a truck with (PEN-noo-matic) suspension... yep that's right! That silent 'P' in pneumatic just found it's volume button!! He said it several times before my mom ears switched off and I actually started listening to him and then I died laughing!! Just so you know, in the event that you overhear us, that is now our new favorite word.

We (by we I mean Braydon) have been on a mission to accomplish this feat using Legos. He has incorporated straws, rubber bands, duct tape and more! You name it and I bet he's used it to build with! Not being able to pull of COMPLETE independent suspension he worked with what he had and below are pictures of the finished product!

Before you ask, no I DID NOT take these photos... that's our other newest obsession. Photography! This child is taking pictures of anything and everything! He loves to grab my GOOD CAMERA and run outside for an impromptu photo shoot. I have to admit that he does have a knack for it though!! LOL


  1. ROFL!!! I love it! That's my new favorite word too!

  2. He definitely keeps us on our toes! LOL

  3. Your little guy sounds amazing, and entertaining! thanks for sharing and visiting my blog.