Saturday, October 6, 2012

New life brings new construction... and NOT of the new baby in the house variety!

So what do the Donner boys do on the first cold day of Fall? Dig a holes, that's what!

Earlier this summer we decided to downsize our pond in something a little more manageable with a hard side liner rather than a tarp liner. This served two purposes, one it made it a little easier for me to cleaner; because let's face it, the boys aren't sticking their hands in there and cleaning out the gunky filter, and two, the new location was closer to where I sit on the patio in the morning to have coffee.

Well not long after this picture was taken, the fish proved to have other plans. You see all those awesome new plants we put in there this year? Well those provided great hiding spots for eggs to be hatched and tiny little fish to hide out. In recent years most of our new fish didn't make it past the egg stage, they were just too easy to get to and the other fish would turn them into a nice snack. But with all the new hiding places this year, they were able to grow to make it out alive. Now our pond is teaming with new goldfish and possibly a couple of new sucker fish too! Well this calls for a bigger and better pond! So my sweet boys are digging it out this weekend. We are hoping to have it completed before the end of the month, but that will depend on what my arm will allow. Obviously I can't give them COMPLETE control!! I have to put my touch on it and that is going to be much more difficult than in years past. But for now I'm just thankful for these two amazing men in my life! They both know how much this pond means to me and what a labor of love it has been. So the two of them spending the weekend digging, digging and digging some more is such a sweet thing! I am so blessed! Pics to come very soon of the progress they have made and hopefully pics of a completely new pond won't be too long after!

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