Friday, October 26, 2012

A Blast From The Past!

This weekend my boys and I are headed to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX, were I will be getting caught up on a few projects and they will be splashing down water slides with a bazillion other people who DON'T have broken arms! LOL

As we drive down the Interstate I am taken back twenty, OK thirty something years to a time when we drove this same route several times a year. It isn't the scenery or the road construction that takes me back, although BOTH seem relatively unchanged. No, its the selection of music we have chosen.
As Journey's Great Hits pumps through the speakers I remember sitting in the back seat of my parent's Midnight Blue GMC Safari listening to this exact same... well, cassette tape. LOL My dad has always been pretty passionate about his music and no road trip was complete without a decent selection of Journey, Chicago, REO Speedwagon, CCR and Paul Simon!

I remember "holding it" until my eyeballs floated because my dad didn't like to stop. I can hear my mother's nervous voice instructing us to "put our seatbelts on", anytime we got into a congested area or one where construction had it down to two lanes with chain link and pylons separating the traffic. But mostly I remember the music! I knew the words to every single song and still do. Usually my mom and brother were asleep by the first hour of the trip, so it was just me and my daddy. Listening to HIS music, which later became MY music, watching the passing cars and landmarks that I had come to know. Many of those landmarks are no longer there, some have changed and grown more modern with time, My dad and I have certainly changed, but the one constant is the music. The music that I am now sharing with my little guy! The music that at times doesn't even make sense, speaks of love, loss and living. The music that ties together the days of my childhood with those of my son's.

Road trips with my daddy are few and far between these day, but I can honestly say they aren't much different. There's a little more talking... just a little, but the music is still there. The worse his hearing gets the louder the music is, but that's ok by me, at least we can still listen together!

I'm grateful for those trips and will be sad when they are completely a thing of the past!

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