Friday, November 2, 2012

He always shows up!

The last few weeks have not been pretty in my little world. I have faced one limitation after another and my morale has been in serious need of a boost! Well let me fill you in on things a little before I go into the blessing that was TODAY!
My doctor has referred me to a neurologist for some nerve problems I'm having in my arm. He will not move forward with treatment until I see the other doctor. Thank God for my cousin Cyndi, because she talked him into allowing me to continue moderate therapy for pain management at least until we know something. So everything has been put on hold until I can go see this new doctor and the soonest they could get me in was DECEMBER! For me that was like a big door slamming shut right in my face. That sliver of light that I once saw had faded and I was slipping into a major FUNK! Not to mention, I am beginning to have problems with my face (nerve related) and have this nagging cold that I just cannot kick.

So last night as my pity party was in full swing, my kiddo climbed up in my bed to comfort me. As he always does, he instructed to me pray about it, and my internal reaction was one I had never felt before.
I thought to myself "I don't WANT to pray!" And I didn't! I didn't want to cry out to the God I was sure had started to tune me out. In recent months I have neglected my quiet time, my prayer time and my time of fellowship. What had not been neglected however, was Satan's hold on me. He had been lying in wait, quietly whispering in my ear and feeding on my lack of interest in ANYTHING! And I was letting him. Just following along down this path of misery clinging to it desperately!

Then this morning, before I had even gotten out of bed, I get text from a sweet new friend at church asking if she and the minister's wife could come an pray over me... WOW! Talk about the nick of time!! I am 100% sure that God had His fingerprints all over that! He knew I was slipping and rather than just waiting around to see if I would pull myself out of it, He took action! I felt like a child, wondering around lost and then out of nowhere came a hand to hold!

Then, this afternoon I made one last attempt to call the neurologist to get an earlier appt. I have called every day for two weeks to no avail, when once again, out of nowhere, He showed up! The office manager told me they had just had a cancellation for THIS MONDAY! If that's not divine intervention then I don't know what is!!

Tonight, my physical condition remains unchanged but I am so grateful for a God that stepped in when I needed Him most! I am blessed to be the daughter of The King and know without a doubt that He is walking beside me, carrying me when I need it and going before me to light the way when I feel lost and unsure!

I pray that you know this God of mine and will allow Him to "show up" when you need Him to as well!!


  1. I'm so glad you received His light & touch!!! I know it is a struggle & we are praying for good news from the new dr!!! Love you, sis!

  2. Girl ~ I sacrificed a LOT to get you that Physical Therapy!!! I really "took one for the team!" I love you so much, cuz ~ and I am blessed to witness your strength and faith. Keep hanging in there ~ ~ ~

  3. I'm so very sorry things have been so hard for so long for you. We miss you! I'm very thankful you get to see the doctor Monday!! I hope you get some answers soon. We love you, dear!!