Monday, January 28, 2013

Helping Hands at Home Review

Well here it is... my first review of 2013 for Gabby Moms!
 Helping Hands at Home
Helping Hands at Home

This eBook was such a fun read. In typical Lorrie Flem fashion, it was down to earth, to the point and full of her special spirit. Lorrie and I live two completely different lives but her products always have a way of connecting with me right where I am!

This eBook is a terrific "how-to" about getting your kids involved in keeping your kitchen and bathroom clean. Lorrie breaks the approach down into three easy steps.
These steps are clear and concise and relate to just about every family, big or small.
The first step is my favorite as it is all about motivation. As a mom, I often forget that MY attitude sets the mood for the whole family. This eBook offered me a nice reminder about attitude and even ways to implement it and benefit from it.

Not only does this book break out three steps of how to get your children involved, but it also provides detailed descriptions of each cleaning step and how to instruct your child in every area. These instructions are given for both the kitchen an bath!

Lorrie also provides the reader with recipes for homemade cleansers and soaps. This is especially nice for the frugal mom. She even breaks out the price of store bought laundry soap versus the price of homemade to help you better understand your choice.

This product was especially helpful for me, as I have been struggling with a broken arm that recently required surgery. I have needed the help from my son over the last few months, and this book gave me the tools to get him started in a way I could teach and he could understand.

Helping Hands at Home is on sale right now for the Kindle for only $.99 at Amazon, so there's no reason not to go grab it!
I promise you that once you read something Lorrie has written you will become fast friends with all her products!

**Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for a fair review through the Gabby Moms Program.
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