Monday, March 25, 2013

Where are your manners?

This is my Braydon! I talk about him often on here because... well, let's face it... my world revolves around him. LOL 
He's handsome,



 and down right silly!

And I am steady finding these random streams of photos in my phone that he took when I wasn't looking! These are just a few, I promise there are TONS!
Well, this post is not a run down of ALL his attributes, today I just wanna talk about one... his manners. Particularly his manners in public. I have always had very high expectations for how he interacts with adults, whether they be people he knows, or perfect strangers. One thing he is ALWAYS doing is holding the door for people. Many times I will get all the way to the car before I realize he is still holding the door open for droves of patrons as they file in an out of an establishment. 

NOTE: This is where I will be climbing onto my soapbox and it will very likely not be pretty, so I will understand if you need to turn away...

First of all let me say my sweet little boy has been raised not to expect anything in return for his kind gestures. He knows that manners are not an option in this house AND that he was created in the image of his Lord. That kindness to strangers is a terrific way to show them God's love. So, this rant is really for my sake more than his!

I watch him there, smiling sweetly as he selflessly stands there holding the door for as long as he's needed, never complaining or groaning at the endless masses of people who move past him as if he's not even there. I watch as these people shuffle by without so much as a thank you. Our world today had become such a selfish place, where people are in too much of a hurry to politely comment to an 11 year old boy who is so excited to be of service.

I watch all of this and I pray for my son. I pray that he doesn't become as jaded to the kindnesses of the world as the people who pass him by with no regard. I pray that he doesn't grow weary of serving others. I pray that his sweet spirit will not be broken by the carelessness of the world around him!

So, as I shake my virtual finger at those of you who forget to encourage our youth, I ask for you to be more aware! Pay more attention to the children around you and tell them when they've done a good job! Pat them on the back and thank them... OFTEN!


  1. Candie, you are so right. When I was there, he held my door and opened my door EVERY single time we went in and out of the house, a store, or the car. I was SO very impressed. He is going to be quite a catch for whichever little lady is lucky enough to capture his heart.... even if he does try to blame me for the Cheeze-Its bag not being rolled down... I love him anyway ~ lol ~ <3

  2. Cyndi, it's so funny you say that about the Cheeze-Its! Just last night when I told him you said to give him a hug that's what he said... "Tell her she STILL can't have anymore of my Cheeze-Its!" LOL You guys kill me!!

  3. This ol' world can't break a true servant's heart. Bless his heart. But shame on people!! I've had a lot of young kids/teens to hold the door for me, and I always say "Thank you so much!" I love to see them smile.