Monday, August 6, 2012

I swear I AM NOT praying for patience!!

So, how many times have we all been warned not to pray for patience? I know I've heard it a lot over the years. Well, the funny thing about God is that he tends to dole out lessons in areas where HE thinks we need to grow, not necessarily where we WANT to grow! So whether I'm asking for more patience or not, when He decides I need it, I get it!

The latest thing I'm learning about myself is that I am not a patient person! I'm pretty sure I've always known this, Lord knows my family definitely has, but recently it's been brought to my attention almost on a daily basis!

Being almost completely dependent on those around you doesn't just mean you have to let them help you. It means you have to let them do it their way, on their time, all the while remaining grateful for it. One of our family's favorite movies is The Pacifier. The line I quote most from this movie is this:

"It's my way, no highway option."

This statement rolls all that is Candie up in a neat little package. My way is always the best, most thought out, and easiest to accomplish... so I think. Lately though, I'm learning that just because my way is right for me, doesn't mean it's right for everyone! Funny that I haven't already learned this lesson. After all, isn't that part of the homeschool mother's creed? Our children need teaching to their strengths and interests, they need to be treated as individuals, they need to learn how THEY learn!

Well, doesn't the same apply to everything in life? Could I be harboring a double standard? Well if so, surely I'm right about it, surely I couldn't be mistaken!

NEWS FLASH: God made us all different! Not just red and yellow, black and white, but in everything, in our hearts and our habits!

The people in your life may not put the dishes away where YOU think they should, they may not move as quickly as you would like and they may not do the things you ask in JUST the way you had expected, but the bottom line is that they are doing it!

My family has had to help me get comfortable in the recliner again with all 15 pillows every time I get up to go to the restroom. They have had to bring me that exact item from the exact spot I sent them to, even if my memory was wrong. They have had to fix me glasses of water with a full cup of ice because that's how I like it. And they have done all these things with a smile, something I cannot say for myself. I have been short with them, I have gotten frustrated and I have spat out my orders more times than I care to admit.

Yet they're still here, still helping, still taking it. That's not to say they will ALWAYS be here. It's important for me to learn NOW that I should appreciate their help regardless what form it comes in. This is the lesson I think my God is teaching me right now. He wants me to understand that humans are not as forgiving as He is, that there IS a limit to their willingness to help, "under fire" if you will. Not only does He want me to see that He will always be here and will come back blow after blow, but that others may not and it's my job to emulate Him.

That's part of being created in His image. Luckily for me, my immediate caregivers know God's love but will they always remember it? That is something I cannot control but showing my Lord's love and mercy is the beginning to ensuring they won't turn away from Him.

Have you shown His love this week? Let me challenge you to do JUST THAT! And not just to those you think NEED it, but to everyone in your life, especially those who don't always get your best!


  1. I love you, cuz ~ and I too am learning through your experience. You are so strong, and I hope to be just like you when I grow up some day :)

  2. I hope you heal quickly, dear! Bless your heart! It is hard when we are forced to come to an unexpected, screeching halt! :)

  3. Thank you so much for linking up, sweet one! :)