Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things that go bump in the night!

The picture you see above is the over-sized chair and ottoman, right next to our front door, that my 10 yr. old has made his bed since I came home after breaking my arm. Of course right now its covered with all of the pillows and blankets I need to pile somewhere when I'm awake but normally it would have a precious little boy sleeping, or trying to sleep, so he can be near his momma.

This is a picture of what my friend Krista called my "set-up" The fan (because that leather is miserably hot), the chair side table that holds my laptop, exterior keyboard and mouse that can be moved to my lap easier than the heavy laptop, the Google TV controller, the ever important back scratcher and a bucket of pens and such for whatever I may be working on. These are all of the things I keep at my side while I wastw the days away in this recliner.

This last picture is one of myself and my sweet Gracie, snuggled up in my temporary bed/office/dining room. Ok, she's snuggled up, I'm spread out across every inch of this silly chair!

You might wonder why I'm showing you these things, well I want you to have a visual image in your mind as I tell you this story.

Several nights ago I am awakened by the sound of my little man getting up off of the chair and walking to the front door. As he begins to turn the lock I question exactly what he thinks he's doing. After several minutes of mumbled answers and my finally getting him to RE-lock the door and lie back down I realize he was sleep walking! He has NEVER done this before and I can only explain it with how exhausted he has been trying to tend to my every need, waking up every time I do and getting me readjusted and back in my chair with every trip to the bathroom overnight. Thinking this was a one time, one person incident we didn't worry too much about it, we just made sure we locked the storm door every night that he can't unlock by himself.

Well a couple of nights ago, after a long day of physical therapy I took two Tylenol PM. I usually take two but I'm guessing I was OVERLY tired this particular night, so it's effects were a little out of character for me.

About 3am I wake up and realize that little black bucket full of pens and markers and SCISSORS, is lying on my chest. A few hours earlier when helping get me settled, Randy had moved the bucket to the end table up against the wall. So in my partially awake state I thought I had been helping him and just fallen asleep with it in my hands. So, I place it back on the table and go back to sleep. Around 5am I wake up to find a highlighter in it's place. Then later that morning when I finally woke up for the day I get up from my chair to find it full of markers!!

What exactly was I doing cuddled up with my office supplies? Who knows! Randy thinks I was trying to get a drink and grabbed the wrong "cup" then fell back to sleep before putting it back on the table.

My theory? I'm not really sure WHAT I was doing but I DO KNOW that whatever it was it would have been amazing! LOL

Needless to say, THE PEOPLE are the things going bump in the night at our house!!

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