Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Silver Lining

Recently someone reminded me to find a silver lining to all of the time I've had to spend in my recliner. Eating, sleeping, reading, working, family time... all from this silly chair!
Well, finding a silver lining is just what I've done!
I have had time to organize this year's subjects and plan a few weeks worth of lessons, go through piles of paperwork and magazines that I have been putting off for months, make all new labels for our work boxes and the supply boxes in my craft room, as well as dig out all of the important papers I wanted to file in my Mom's Household Binder. Aside from the closets that are in serious need of some attention I feel like a new woman, or at least a better organized woman! I have always said that my predilection to organization was more of a sickness than a gift but in recent months (or years) I have let MY life take a backseat to everyone else.I may have mentioned that I have a problem with saying "No", but what I don't think I've mentioned is that I tend to not just take on too much, but I also allow it to take OVER! If I agree to do something I takes control until I feel like I've accomplished it.
I can't say I'm grateful to have a broken arm right now, but I can say that I'm grateful that it's causing me to put the needs of my own life back where they belong, in the drivers seat!


  1. So glad you are finding the silver lining in all of this ~ You inspire me, cuz ~ you really do ~ love you and miss you

  2. It's amazing how He teaches us the lessons of each season in time, isn't it? You are so wise to allow Him to lead you. Good job!!! :)