Sunday, July 8, 2012

KBC Day Five Journey To...

Today was a nice relaxing day for the most part. We left Indiana around 10ish heading for Illinois. Once here we checked into our hotel and got a little lunch we spent the afternoon getting caught up on emails and such. We did have a run in with an army of ants but after a small room switching fiasco we were finally in our third room for the day and ready to get down to business! LOL

This evening we had a nice visit and dinner with Leah from CurrClick. Until tonight I had not had the pleasure of meeting Leah, and I am so glad I did!! I really enjoyed getting to know her a little bit. Hopefully next time we will be able to meet Staley as well.

Tomorrow we are heading to Rainbow to work on some more videos and then we will be having dinner with the Rainbow crew! I can't wait to meet everyone!

Hopefully while Cyndi is practicing to be a movie star I will have some time to work on the Respect Character Lapbook.

Until tomorrow,

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