Tuesday, July 17, 2012

KBC Day ??? Immediate Journey HOME

Well the last few days have been a crazy blur.
Monday morning Cyndi and I headed to Rainbow Resources.  This was a very productive day that ended with a delightful dinner with several of the friendly staff at Rainbow.  That night we headed back to Peoria before we began our trip to meet up with the other members of the KBC team.

Tuesday morning started off with a trip to Arthur, Illinois to tour the Amish Communities.  We took lots of pictures and just enjoyed watching how these people with a simpler way of life lived side by side with people in a modern world.  This was a neat stop and very educational, but our trip was about to take a turn for the worst.
Before heading to St. Louis, Missouri we stop to get gas and I tripped and broke my arm.  We then drove a miserable 30 minutes to Decatur, Illinois.  It took us the next three days to get me back home.
Sadly, our trip was cut short and we were not able to meet with Pam and Kim.

I'm praying to be all better before our cruise in September.  But won't see The orthopedic surgeon until Friday.  Trying to schedule that appointment was a fiasco all on its own!  That's a long story so I'll just give you a little advice.  If you're going to break a bone don't do it out of state.

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