Sunday, July 8, 2012

KBC Day FOUR Journey To...

Today was the BIG day!! I finally got to get my books!! It was amazing! Here they are:

Right off the trimmer!

I also got to watch several other procedures while I was waiting.

 Here are some of our CD's being shrink wrapped.

 Here's Ester hand collating our colored paper.

These are HUGE stacks of KBC books waiting to be bound!  


Then I got to watch them go through each step of the printing process for my books and it was so neat!!

 Here's a stack of the inside pages to my books straight out of the hopper!

The covers printing...


 and binding.

 It's hard to believe my name is now printed on an actual product!!

 Now for trimming.

This was such fun! I truly appreciate Eloise and Chad at Country Pines showing me around and letting me see all of the back end to the production of my books!

We finally left Shoals around 4pm and headed up to Terre Haute for the night. We had a nice dinner and then spent the rest of the evening bouncing ideas off of one another and talking through alot of things we want to do further down the road. So keep an eye out, there are great things in the making at Knowledge Box Central!

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