Thursday, July 5, 2012

KBC Day TWO, Journey To...

Today started off much like yesterday went, "detour" after "detour". LOL We finally made it to Graceland a mere hour after we had planned to be there, and it was amazing. I got a TON of pics!! My mom if a HUGE Elvis fan and had gone to Graceland back in the 80's but the only camera she had only had a flash setting so she go very few pictures. All this time I thought she didn't get many because they wouldn't let you take them in certain places so this afternoon when I found out the real reason it was a bonus. Now my momma will have all new pictures to go with those memories from so many years ago. The pictures won't just be a treat for me, I know my mom will cherish them as well!

Front of Graceland
 15' Couch in the Formal Living Area

We didn't make it back by The  Mississippi River but are planning to on the way back through next week. When I told Braydon we were going to go back down there to take some pics and I would grab him a rock or something he told me to get a jar with a lid and bring him back some Mississippi Mud! He said it in this guttural smoker's voice and I just died!  LOL I laughed so hard!! Even 1000 miles away he's funny!! 

After Graceland we downed a couple of sandwiches and proceeded on our journey only to get lost take "detours" time and time again... I can honestly say this trip will not be short of stories to tell and laughs to be had in the years to come! 

We traveled through Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky and Indiana all in six hours today. I have traveled more than 1300 miles since Tuesday morning and after today have crossed 4 major rivers; The Tennessee River, The Ohio River, The Arkansas River and the The Mighty Mississippi! Each one was just as amazing as the last and I am in awe of God's glory!

We finally made it to this amazing little cabin called the Salt Box in the woods of Shoals, Indiana, and I may never leave!! This place is so cute and peaceful! Cyndi and I are hanging out, working on a few projects and just enjoying not being in the car for a few hours.

Until tomorrow,

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